Smart Agenda for Clinics with many headquarters and many specialties.

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3.000 €

The Appointments Assistant integrates everything into one screen.

There’s no need at all to think in order to schedule an appointment. Choose a speciality, and instantly the program compares the conditions entered with the real appointments showing the dates and times available. Clicking on a time is the only requirement to schedule an appointment.

Patients search integrated at the bottom of the screen. If the patient is already registered, one click tells the system that he is the patient in course. You can create new temporary or permanent patients from this screen.

You are presented with info about alerts, visits and medical data of any patient automatically.

Conditions setup is where this software gets adapted to your organization needs to the milimeter. 

This is the place to specify any number of Medical Centers, Doctors, Specialities, Reasons, Insurance Companies and means.

This allows you to instruct the system about the perfect fit between any patient need and your organization means. So you fine tune the daily work to a level never got before and with no effort.

Web like browsing makes CliniAgenda the ideal software to use.

Clean and Consistent interface makes the learning curve almost flat.

Patients info shows a list of visits as well as medical and alerts info all in one place.

SMS and Email integrated into the solution to send appointment reminders.

The Waiting Room controls all timings to get accurate stadistics. This info is extremely useful to do some more fine tuning of your business.

Access to sensitive parts of the software is protected. As an example; when you get access you only get it for one screen at a time. You must authenticate again to access another sensitive panel.

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